Benefits for your skin

It acts at the origin

Science beyond skin

Having healthy, young skin is a sign of living life to the fullest that shows on the outside. That is why our exclusive active ingredients reach the deepest layers of the dermis, to act on the five pillars of ageing, significantly improving the skin’s health. The aggregate repair effects of CAP Peptide 5 produce noticeable anti-ageing results.

Elasticity and moisturization of the skin

CAP Peptide 5 has the biological capacity to maintain and repair damaged cells in your skin. This makes it capable of protecting collagen from degradation.

In treatments administered over three months, it has proven effective in increasing the skin’s elasticity and moisturization, reducing the depth and width of wrinkles.

Prolongs cell life

CAP Peptide 5 is capable of maintaining the length of telomeres, providing cells in the skin (fibroblasts) with protection from their own programmed death, or apoptosis. Another of its direct benefits is the prolongation of the life of stem cells. This way, Luxfaciem Skin Renew helps keep skin young and healthy.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Studies performed on fibroblast cultures prove that treatments with CAP Peptide 5 have great anti-oxidant properties. It has been observed that treatment with CAP Peptide 5 increases the presence of anti-oxidant enzymes in skin such as catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Light up your face

for good

The Luxfaciem Skin Renew treatment line has been formulated to repair and prevent damage to skin, and by doing so bring light and beauty to your face.

Thanks to its major cellular-level repair capacity and suitability to all skin types, a growing number of dermatologists are recommending it.

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