Know your skin

Structure of the skin

Human skin is the body’s largest organ, as well as its first physical-chemical and biological protective barrier.

Beyond protecting, skin maintains balance inside the body (homeostasis), preventing dehydration and controlling body temperature.

Anatomically speaking, skin is made up of two layers of cells: the epidermis and the dermis. The area where these two layers are joined is known as the dermal-epidermal junction. The exchange of nutrients and metabolites (as well as waste products) takes place here.


The epidermis is made up of a type of cells known as keratinocytes, found in various stages of differentiation, and that have a high turnover rate. The epidermis does not feature any blood vessels.


The dermis is made up of cells, blood vessels and non-cellular components such as collagen and elastin, and other molecules that make up a reticular tissue that provides skin cells with elasticity and support, such as hyaluronic acid. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of the dermis, and are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. So it could be said that they are the architects of skin.

Reaching the origin

Because of this entire structure, permeating the skin to its deepest layers is not a simple task. Compounds with certain physical-chemical permeability characteristics are required.

Luxfaciem Skin Renew has the SMART delivery system, a specific technology that ensures release of CAP Peptide 5 where it is needed most.



Collagen fibres are found in the dermis, the deepest part of the skin. They are responsible for giving skin a smooth, flexible appearance, as these molecules can retain water and keep skin moisturized.

For most of our lives, collagen degradation and synthesis remain in balance. As we age, collagen degrades faster than it is synthesized, causing a reduction in fibres, and giving skin an aged appearance.

Collagen is a protein found in skin in helical (triple-helix) strands that make up the fibres, which form a reticular structure. It has a particular behaviour, in which it is constantly being degraded and resynthesized.

Skin ageing

As the skin ages, the natural production of collagen diminishes. This lack of collagen translates into signs of cutaneous ageing such as: less smoothness, greater flaccidity, more dehydration or dryness and the appearance of visible wrinkles.

But not all changes are due to the lack of collagen or moisturization. It has been found that the skin’s physiological ageing is associated with a reduction or shortening of the telomeres of the chromosomes and programmed death (apoptosis) of the cells that make up the skin.

CAP Peptide 5 helps telomeres maintain their length, prolonging the life of skin cells.


Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences, whose main role is to provide structural stability to chromosomes, keeping them from suffering damage or breakage. As our skin cells divide to form new cells, their telomeres become shorter. With the passage of time, the protection they give to DNA is affected. When telomeres become too short, the result is DNA damage and cell death. Much of this damage occurs due to oxidative stress from inflammation or exposure to agents that are harmful to skin (UV light, pollution, etc.).

Skin cell death generates inflammation, leading to more cell death and a progressive deterioration of the state of the skin due to the presence of inflammatory cells and substances known as free radicals. These are powerful oxidants and can be highly toxic to the skin.

Thanks to its unique active ingredient CAP Peptide 5 and its action on telomeres, the effectiveness of Luxfaciem Skin Renew and its major benefits on skin ageing are clinically proven with robust scientific evidence.
It is a complete treatment for ageing and the prevention of its effects. With its powerful cellular regeneration properties, it is beneficial for sensitive skins, or any suffering from dermatitis, photoageing, radiation or aggressive treatments that cause cell damage.

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